Question of the week from the FSSS-CSN

The results of the COVID-19 crisis in Quebec are far from positive, particularly in nursing homes for the elderly. The pandemic hit CHSLDs and private seniors' residences during the first wave and the second wave promises to be difficult everywhere in Quebec.

The current crisis shows to what extent the government decisions of recent years have damaged our health and social services network. Austerity and reforms have only depleted staff and created a chronic staff shortage.

From the start of the crisis, we proposed several solutions to deal with the crisis: stop the displacement of staff, increase protection measures, improve working conditions and salaries and test staff. Despite our numerous interventions, the government has decided to act alone by not listening to the concerns of workers.

In order to continue to put pressure on the government, we invite you to respond to this short survey. It is by making our voice heard together that we will succeed in forcing the government to act to support and protect us.

You can take the survey until October 28.

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* 1. In your opinion, is it surprising that things were so difficult in the senior housing sector during Phase 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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* 2. If not why ? (maximum of two answers)

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* 3. Do you believe that what was needed was done to avert a crisis in the senior housing sector during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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* 4. If not why? (maximum of two answers)

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* 5. The CAQ government is backing down and will not go ahead with the nationalization of private CHSLDs, as evoked during the first wave of the pandemic. Is the government making the right choice by opting for a private institution model?