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Welcome to the online questionnaire of the ABC Benin program

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This questionnaire is part of the design of a pilot project in Benin organized by the NGO ‘AFFORD - African Foundation for Development’. The primary objective of this project is to examine the investment potential of the diaspora in the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in order to strengthen entrepreneurship and create sustainable employment in Benin.
ABC Benin offers different types of programs in which you can participate such as :
    <il>Training of diaspora investors in order to prepare them to become ‘investor-ready’ (this in order to introduce businesses to access to finance);
  • Engaging the diaspora as volunteers to mentor and guide other businesses;
  • Provide investment opportunities to local businesses;
  • Participate in trade missions to Benin;

This questionnaire wishes to identify who are the diaspora investors interested in investing in Benin, what are their personal and professional backgrounds with regard to their businesses. This questionnaire wants to understand the business ideas of these investors as well as their main sector of activity in order to determine their needs and preferences. All this with the aim of contributing to the development of a dynamic and well-supported SME sector in Benin.

The information gathered from this survey will initially enable the design of an offer corresponding to real interests and needs. Then, to propose packages adapted to the needs of these different entrepreneurs. And finally, in the long term, to be able to help achieve business objectives. ABC Benin wants to engage people from the diaspora in the different activities, which will enable them to invest their skills, (volunteer) time or money in the program in Benin.

It is therefore imperative that you answer this questionnaire honestly in order to get accurate and true answers. The survey is approximately 10 minutes long.

The questionnaire is online and will be available for two (2) weeks, from Wednesday 06/05/2020 (00h00 CET) to Sunday 31/05/2020 (23h59 CET).

In respect of your collaboration, your answers will be treated confidentially and anonymously. However, if you wish to participate in the program, we will need your contact information in order to stay in touch.

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