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Pay Equity Maintenance 2020

To help you identify the events that occurred between December 21, 2015 and December 20, 2020, we have reproduced, in this survey, the tasks and responsibilities found in the Classification Plan applicable during this period. To help you, you can use other documents. If so, we invite you to share this documentation with us at info@fpss.lacsq .org

We invite you to identify all types of changes that you deem relevant whether they are temporary (which may take place over a limited period of time) or permanent (which persist in time).

In order to help you complete this survey, you may remember the following questions:
-What am I doing again?
-How I am doing it ?
-Why or for what purpose?
-How much time do I devote to this new task?

Question Title

* 2. How many years have you been in this position?

Question Title

* 3. Do you hold this job at full time or at part-time ?

Nature of the work
The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists in performing a variety of administrative duties of a complex nature according to established methods and procedures.

Question Title

* 4. Does this description of the nature of your work correspond to reality for the period of Dec. 2015 to 20 Dec. 2020?