Automated custom reporting and single response assessments & diagnostics from SurveyMonkey data
Instant 1-click Reports - over 160 adaptable templates
Automated & Scaleable Assessments & Diagnostics
Custom Built Reports for unique requirements
Private Reporting Portals - Survey data driven applications

We think you are here because ...

  • There's something you can't do easily (or at all) with the built-in tools
  • You want to run remote assessments & diagnostics based on 1 survey response

Here's how we can help:

Save time with Instant Reports

Effortlessly create reports and presentations to help you find the stories hidden in your data. We show you reporting options based on the structure of your survey. Find the reports that work for you, click and you're done. 
"Connect the dots you can't see  . . .  and find the stories you didn't know you had."

==> How does it work?

Custom & Automated Reports - for unique or special requirements

Need something that's not available out of the box? We can do that.
Custom content, custom analytics and branding. Automated and scaleable.

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Assessments & Diagnostics based on single survey responses

Leverage & scale your expertise
 with Assessments & diagnostics with optional, indivdually customized advice and CTAs.  Highly revelant in the era of remote working and social distancing. See a case study about remote cognitive assessment.

==> About Automated Assessments

Custom Reporting Portals - Unique Reporting Enviroments

Create a complete, survey data driven reporting environment. It's like a unique reporting app, with the pre-defined reports needed to manage a process or deliver a service.  Save time, increase productivity and secure continuity.
==> About Custom Reporting Portals

"I didn't know I wanted it until I saw it.
You can browse reporting options in the Report Gallery. Then test them FREE with your survey to find what's right for your audience. Get your results in Powerpoint, Word and Excel documents  you can edit, as Web pages or just chart images you can use anywhere.

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