Connect your survey and response data to any dashboard, BI tool, or data warehouse
Your survey and response data funnelled to any data destination
Blending of SurveyMonkey data with other related data sources
Initial historical data load
Unlimited data source connections

Automate the process of bridging your SurveyMonkey data with the data destination of your choice. Dataddo connects SurveyMonkey to your dashboard and/or data warehouse to retrieve your survey lists, responses, contacts and more.

How Dataddo adds value:

  • Pull only the data you actually use
  • Set the Dataddo application to sync your data at specified intervals (5 mins, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Refresh manually at any time for ad hoc analysis
  • Collect historical data to track survey responses over time
  • Sync historical data from first log-in
  • Send data to as many destinations as you need
  • Never touch a line of code