WAKFU Survey: Poland

You and WAKFU

1. How did you hear about WAKFU for the first time?
2. Would you say the game…:
3. When you play the game, most of the time you choose to be…:
4. Please rank the following elements of the game (1 being your favorite aspect of the game, and 6 being the aspect you think needs the most improvement):
Character skills description
Combat system
Sounds & music
5. How would you describe the community of the game?
6. In WAKFU, have you already experienced a game breaking bug that made you reconsider your commitment to the game? If yes, when was the last time?
7. Have you already recommended WAKFU to your friends? And if yes, why?
8. Which aspect of the game appeals to you the most?
9. Which WAKFU feature announced for 2013 and not yet released are you looking the most forward to?
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