Your participation in this survey will help us build a profile of issues relating to spaces and accommodations for community organizations.

This is a critical step in developing solutions for sufficient and adequate community spaces!
Expected Deliverables

1.   The results of the survey will highlight trends with respect to financial burdens and accommodation challenges that may impact Montreal community organizations.

2.   Organizations, Neighbourhood Round Tables and Regional groups will use this information to enrich their analysis and to develop political demands.

3.   The survey findings will be shared with public policy makers, the general public and funders to guide their decision-making.
Guidelines for Survey Respondents

It is recommended that the respondent have access to the organization’s financial statements.

The survey takes an average of 20 minutes to complete.
It is recommended that the survey be completed all the way through. Otherwise, it will not be valid.

Participation in the survey is anonymous.
On the last page, we ask for contact information to share the results of the survey with you and to ensure that there are no duplicates from the same organization.
This survey is initiated by LOCO Montréal

Given the extent of the need for adequate community spaces, a Regional Committee was formed to assess the issue and determine solutions. 

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It's your turn! 
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