Gluten Free Living Survey

Bonjour! I wish to understand better the challenges and frustrations you encounter in your gluten free life, and what can help you in your journey. I say purposefully ‘life’ rather than ‘diet’, because food is so at the core of our social life! 

I would really love to hear your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to answer my little survey! 
Vanessa xxx (gluten free blog)
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* 1. Why do you eat gluten free and how do you feel that eating gluten free has impacted your quality of life (in other ways than physically)?

* 2. What are your biggest frustrations? What do you miss the most? 

* 3. What resources do you use to get help for example to prepare food, understand ingredients, know where to go out to eat or simply get support?

* 4. What gluten free products do you buy (please list them) and where do you purchase them?

* 5. Do you use ready-made flour mixes? If yes, what kind?

* 6. Imagine a gluten free product or service that would make your life easier, what would it be?

* 7. Generally speaking, which area would you most need help with in your gluten free life?

* 8. If it was a video, what topic or tips would you be interested in?

* 9. If it was an ebook, what should content or tips should it contain to be helpful to you?

* 10. May I contact you if I have more questions or ideas to discuss? (your name and email).