The Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project currently sits as one of the most promising nickel sulphide deposits in the world. Among its defining features, it is advantageously located in a well established in the Timmins mining camp, with its rich mining history and skilled local workforce. Additionally, the Crawford Projet currently has one of the lowest in class carbon footprints, with the potential of being a fully net-zero project.

Canada Nickel has recently published its Preliminary Economic Assessment, with positive results. A Feasibility Study will also be completed by the end of the year, prior to initiating the project's Impact Assessment Process.

In this context, the following questionnaire is a first step for Canada Nickel in establishing an ongoing dialogue and comprehensive engagement activities with local stakeholders that are potentially interested or concerned by the Crawford Project.

As such, Canada Nickel would like to know your preferences regarding the organization, the frequency, and the content of its future engagement activities. Of note, the format of these activities may evolve throughout the process to reflect the different community, project and regulatory needs.

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