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* 1. Allright, we are starting off pretty strong here but let's see what comes up!
Ready to play?

What is the greatest achievement you'd like to experience during the remainder of the year... if anything was possible?

(If the answer doesn't come to you yet, close your eyes, sit back and let something, anything, come up.

It can be in the areas of health or inner peace, ideal weight, relationship, relief from debt or struggling...etc. See if it resonates with you and if not, send it back and let something else come up).

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* 2. Now that you are clear on what you would like to use your focus and energy to create, why do you think this is what came up and not something else, maybe a different goal that may have previously seemed more important?

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* 3. Have you ever tried to have this experienced listed above in #1 but you perceived only failure such as getting there without feeling your family or peer's approval and thus experienced it as a failure...?

Or got there only for a little bit and lost it again?

If indeed this was meant to happen, then why has it been such a struggle?

You don't actually have to answer that but feel free to jot down and let me know when you tried to get there, how old you were when you first tried and who was with your support group at the time?
Did they give you the support you needed?

And if you did 'get there' and 'graduate' how did you feel afterwards...

and the next times you tried to get there again, if ever.

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* 4. If you tried on your own to break a certain cycle of constant chronic illness or procrastination did you struggle to figure out how to solve it?

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* 5. You trust yourself to ultimately succeed, right? Something inside you knows deeply that it is possible. Yet would you say fear and worry weighs more heavily than faith and positivity in general in your mind?

A simple way to know is to take a piece of paper, and on one half write all the fears and worries you have around #1

and on the other half of the page, list all the positive thoughts you have about #1 and why it's most likely possible it will happen

Depending on which list is easier to write, this will tell you which thoughts are getting the most exercise and taking up room in your mind.

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* 6. Thank you!

You are amazing for moving through these questions.

They are 100% anonymous so if you want me to know who you are, feel free to leave me your name + email information below and I'll be sure you receive an email from me with the link + password below for the article.

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