What Is This?
This is a fun challenge that the staff here at PPD has put together for table tennis fans. We invite you and your friends to take up our challenge by filling in the form below with your picks to win the top 4 places of the Men’s and Women’s Team events at the upcoming 2018 World Table Tennis Team Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. This year we’re adding an additional challenge—pick who will win bragging rights for North America by picking whether the US or Canadian Men’s Team will finish higher in the 2nd Division. And be sure to send an email to your friends (and foes!) challenging them to enter the contest to see who is the real Ping Pong Whiz!

What do I win?
The person who picks the most winners will win two $100 gift certificates. The first $100 Gift Certificate is for the winner of the challenge to use as they wish. The second $100 is a way for the winner to use his good fortune to pay it forward by rewarding a deserving, hard-working top player (any player of any age who is ranked in the top 10 in their age category in their country).

These gift certificates are as good as cash, so they can be used on all brands, all products, and all items at regular price or on special—absolutely everything at! If more than one person ends up with the most correct predictions, we'll have a drawing to determine the winner.

New Bonus this year!
This year we added a bonus. If the winner is a subscriber to our PPD mailing list, he gets an additional $100 gift certificate. So make sure you a subscriber before we choose the winner.

How do I know who is entered in those events?
Simply click on the input field for an event to reveal the teams, seeded in order, for that event. Then scroll down to make your selection.

What's the deadline for submitting my entry?
Since the tournament starts on April 29th, this will also be the deadline for submitting your entry, as we need to receive all entries before the tournament start date.

When will winners be announced?
A few days after the end of the World Championships, which is May 6, 2018. We'll notify the winner personally via email and then post that information to our Facebook page and website.

Any inside scoop?
Sure. Go to:

Men’s & Women’s Draws For All Divisions

List of Team Members:
Men’s Teams Championship Division
Women’s Teams Championship Division

Men’s Championship Division:
Germany, seeded #1, includes #2 Timo Boll, #3 Dima Ovtcharov, and #21 Ruwen Filus, the current top ranked defender.

China is the #2 seed and brings forth a strong team of #6 Ma Long (who despite his current ranking is considered by many to be the world’s best player), #1 Fan Zhendong, and reverse left-handed penholder, Xu Xin (who’s long-reach footwork is beauty to behold).
Japan (#3 seed) includes World #13, Tomokazu Harimoto, who at only 14 years old just beat world #1 Fan Zhendong of China. Also includes fan favorites #11, Jun Mizutani (exceptional topspin counter-play) and #9, Koki Niwa (masterful and creative king of blocks).

Women’s Championship Division:
#1 seeded China is always a force to be reckoned with and this year’s team is no exception. It includes #1 Chen Meng, #2 Zhu Yuling, #5 Wang Manyu, and bringing up the rear at #10 & #11 are veteran players Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning, both of whom have spent considerable time at #1 in the past.

Japan is the #2 seed and has the youngest team by far. It is led by veteran (at only 25 years old!) #3 Kasumi Ishikawa. Other members include #6 Miu Hirano (age 18), #7 Mima Ito (age 17), #18 Hina Hiyata (age 17), and #81 Miyu Nagasaki, the youngster at only 15 years old!

#3 seeded Chinese Taipei, on the other hand, has perhaps the oldest mix of players among the top contenders, with all of its players between the ages of 24 and 30, including #8 Cheng I-Ching, and #14 Chen Szu-Yu.

Canada Vs. US Challenge:

The US is seeded #38 in Men’s Division 2, while Canada is seeded last in that same division at #48. They’re in separate round robin groups. Canada is putting up a full contingent of 5 players while the US is sending only 4 players. Will this help Canada better survive the grueling 8 days of competition? The US is in a round robin group with #28 Spain, #29 Iran, #35 Kazakhstan, #44 Luxembourg, and #46 Puerto Rico. Canada’s group includes #25 Chile, #32 Denmark, #33 Ukraine, #39 Thailand, and #42 Netherlands.

Isn't This Contest Rigged For The PPD Staff?

No, not at all. While the experts here at PPD will enter the contest just for fun (and bragging rights!), all employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, their families, and anyone else connected financially to Ping Pong Depot are ineligible to win any prizes.

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