1. Survey on youth employment and unemployment in the water sector

8% of survey complete.
Participation in this survey is voluntary, and information provided will remain anonymous.

This survey is conducted by UNESCO International Hydrological Programme with the objective of learning more about the employment and unemployment challenges that affect youth and young professionals within the water sector. This questionnaire is open to anyone aged between 15 and 40.  The results will inform water-related policy recommendations and programme activities of UNESCO.

For more information, contact UNESCO-IHP at: ihp-wins@unesco.org

Some definitions:

Persons in employment comprise all persons above a specified age who during a specified brief period, either one week or one day, were in the following categories:
- paid employment;
- self employment.

Employment in the water sector indiscriminately refers to any job whose essential tasks relate to water. These comprise mainly water sector jobs and ancillary water jobs.

     Water sector jobs (or jobs in the water sector, or water jobs) are the direct jobs in the water sectors, which are mainly comprised of: a) water resources management, including IWRM and ecosystem restoration and remediation; b) building and managing water infrastructure; and c) the provision of water-related services, which includes: water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities (UN DESA, 2008).

     Ancillary water jobs are those that provide the water-related enabling environment and necessary support to the activities or operation of an organization, institution, industry or system. This encompasses, for example, legal and policy specialists, engineers, planners, financiers and hydrologists.
The unemployed comprise all persons above a specified age who during the reference period were:
- without work, that is, were not in paid employment or self employment during the reference period;
- available for work, that is, were available for paid employment or self-employment during the reference period; and
- seeking work, that is, had taken specific steps in a specified recent period to seek paid employment or self-employment.

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* 6. Which of the following languages do you speak? Tick all that apply.

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* 7. What is the highest level of education that you have received? For definition of level of education, see Annex 1.

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* 8. What is your main area of specialization?

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* 10. Are you a member of a professional water association or water network?

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* 11. If yes, please indicate the names of the professional association(s) and/or network(s)