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Help us understand who you are and what your objectives are. Fill in this survey and measure yourself against the 800 other respondents of the data science survey we did in 2015 and 2016.
Dear Friend,

Join us this summer for our coding camp. Check our your position on our leaderboard during the camp show how motivated you are by working on the different MOOCs that we have selected for you. To make it easy for our partners to select the ideal trainee you are requested to answer the questions of the following survey.

The Data Science Community has now more than 1900 members participating regularly to our monthly meetups,. Again this year we all networked like we never did before, read the countless contributions on the blog or on the linkedin group. We saw the opening of our own non-for-profit organisation - the European Data Innovation HUb. Many of you shared their knowledge during evening classes or attended our executive trainings or technical sessions.

You will find the anonymised results back during the bootcamp where we will do an exercise on segmentation with the total dataset.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in during our summercamp or at our annual data science BBQ that takes place in the AXA gardens on June 24th..

Nele & Philippe
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