Consent Form


1. Research objectives 
This project intends to determine the factors that influence helmet wear amongst certified ski and snowboard instructors, and in doing so, to better target the relevant elements to integrate in the development of prevention campaigns.

2. Research participation 
Your participation in this project consists of answering, on behalf of your experience, the online survey, allowing to better target your knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes regarding cerebral concussions and helmet wear on the slopes. Demographic questions will be asked to establish a standard profile and then, you will have to answer multiple simple answer questions regarding knowledge of concussive injuries, risk-taking behavior, and sensation seeking.

3. Confidentiality
Participation is anonymous. It will therefore not be possible to identify participants. The IP address of your computer will not be recorded.

4. Advantages and disadvantages
By participating in this research, you will be able to contribute to the establishment of specific behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge that Canadian ski and snowboard instructors have concerning cerebral concussions and helmet wear. This data will allow the development of prevention campaigns intended for the ski and snowboard industry. Participation in this project has no specific risks.

5. Right to withdraw 
Your participation to this project is entirely voluntary. You are thus free to refuse any form of participation. Since answers are collected anonymously, once the survey has been completed, it will not be possible to destroy your answers if ever you choose to withdraw your participation from this study.


For any questions concerning this study, please communicate with Elaine de Guise, assistant professor, at the following number: (514) 343-6111 extension 53078, or at the following email address:

Any complaint concerning your participation to this research can be addressed to the ombudsperson of the University of Montreal at the following phone number: (514) 343-2100, or at the email address (ombudsman accepts collect calls).

I have read and acknowledged the information above and I have no further questions concerning this project and my participation.

I freely consent to take part in this research project knowing that I can withdraw my participation at any time and without having to justify my decision.