With this survey, Pro Bono Lab aims to investigate the practice of sharing expertise and skills around the world in all its forms (pro bono, skills-based volunteering, volunteering, employee volunteering, civic engagement, etc.).

With collected responses, Pro Bono Lab will create an online tool to map skills-based volunteering providers and their programmes worldwide as well as general trends about the development of skills-based practices in different countries. The data collected in the first section of this survey will appear on this online tool, on a website which will be live in May 2020, following the Global Pro Bono Summit in Paris. The rest of the data will be processed and anonymised by Pro Bono Lab for research purposes and published in a full report by the beginning of 2021. Our partners and sponsors will not have access to the raw data, but only to the processed data.

Please take 20 minutes to answer this survey and tell us more about your organisation and your vision of skills-based volunteering! The online map and the study will be useful tools for any skills-based volunteering provider in the world by opening perspectives for inspiration, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. They will also be available for potential partners and sponsors, and for individuals willing to volunteer as well as organisations and individuals looking for expertise and skills.

Please note that you must have a good knowledge of your organisation's history, strategy and programmes to answer this survey and make sure that the data collected is as much relevant as possible.

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