1. What future are we shaping with technology?

We are entering a new decade full of uncertainties. For better or for worse, massive technological waves are impacting our lives and our society. Today is only the beginning. The future is not set yet, we can still work on designing a world we would all want to live in tomorrow.

At Devoteam we believe in technology advances as long as they include human values, as long as they are agents of positive meaningful change. For this to happen we need to widen our perspectives, to extend our timelines and develop a shared vision. This is what we want to start doing with you today.

We have put together 20 predictions we would like you to individually assess. Joining all your views will help us build a better collective picture of our possible future. We will openly share back to you all the aggregated results. We will use them to strengthen our convictions, if necessary we will animate debates and more importantly look for solutions.

Thanks in advance for your time and contributions.
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