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 Why this scan? 
The COVID-19 pandemic poses significant challenges for primary healthcare. The purpose of this scan is to continuously identify needs and innovations in primary healthcare. This survey specifically aims to explore the impact the second wave of the pandemic on primary healthcare in Quebec. The results are summarized and shared with our partners and collaborators (e.g., Ministry of Health and Social Services, INESSS) to support efforts to improve primary healthcare.

Who should answer?
Anyone who can describe needs or innovations in primary healthcare. If you have participated in our previous surveys, you may also participate in this one.

Results related to innovations in service organisation>>
Results related to mental health>>

What to expect?
Answering the questions should take about 10 minutes.

What do we mean by primary healthcare?
For the purposes of this scan, primary healthcare includes a wide range of health, social and community services that are the first point-of-contact for the population (e.g. medical clinics, family medicine groups (GMF, GMFU), superclinics (GMFR), community pharmacies, CLSCs, rehabilitation services (e.g. physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinic), community organizations, psychosocial services, telephone information services, outreach services, and initiatives run by communities, volunteers, patients or caregivers, etc.).

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An initiative of Resau-1 Québec and the following partners:

An initiative of Resau-1 Québec and the following partners: