1. Discovering the organisation you work for and its commitment for social good

Thank you for your contribution to our Field study on Tech 'commitments for Social Good during Web Summit 2017 !
It should'nt take you more than 5 mn.
It will allow us to better understand the potentialities of Tech contributions.
We will release the results next March 2018.
IMPORTANT : This form’s data will stay private and anonymous, we only collect your email to send you the results. We commit not to share any information with any person not working on the study, nor your organisation, any kind of commercial organisation.

* 1. Your organisation's name

* 2. What is you organisation size (number of employees) ?

* 3. Your organisation's home continent

* 4. What is your organisation's type ?

* 5. You're organization's main activity :

* 6. What is your organisation's main purpose ?

  Not really a purpose Secondary purpose Main purpose
Innovation & disruption
Client satisfaction
Social impact

* 7. Your organisation main target is

  Primary target Secondary target Not a target
Non Profits
Governements (or Institutions)
Base of the pyramid