We thank you for participating in this survey on the diagnosis and management of adult primary angiitis of the central nervous system (PACNS).

No validated guidelines exist to guide clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of PACNS, and the level of agreement between clinicians in the management of the disease remains unknown. This international online survey aims at reporting clinical practices of physicians who manage PACNS in adults, by identifying main commonalities but also differences and challenges.

The first seven questions will determine your eligibility for the survey.
The subsequent questions will examine the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of PACNS.

The approximate duration of the survey is 15 minutes.
The survey is approved by the ethics committee at the CHU Caen-Normandie.
Participation is entirely voluntary and answers are anonymized. Agreement to participate in the survey will be taken as implied consent.

Kind regards,

Dr Ahmad Nehme, nehme-a@chu-caen.fr
Pr Hubert de Boysson, deboysson-h@chu-caen.fr

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