How Automation Has Changed the Way we Count Cells

We would like to know your current practice in cell counting to have a better understanding of your needs. 

* 1. What type of cell do you use most often? 

* 2. What type of cell culture vessels do you use? 

* 3. What is for you the biggest challenge in mammalian cell counting?

* 4. What is your actual precision rate when counting cells?

* 5. Why are cell concentration and viability key parameters?

* 6. When is the most important time for you to define precisely the number and the state of cells in your samples?

* 7. Which cell counting methods do you use?

* 8. In which sector do you work?

* 9. Would you like to receive information about a new technology to track suspension cells in real time in your Bioreactor? 

To learn about a new way to count viable cells, watch the webinar "How Automation Has Changed the Way we Count Cells" here: