Questionnaire for stakeholders only

This survey is sent to you in order to have a detailed overview of existing practices in Europe. Thank you for answering these questions precisely and honestly.

* 1. Please enter your contact details :

* 2. Do you participate in standardization work in your country?

* 3. If yes, can you specify and characterize at which level you participate ?

  Never Sometimes Often Very Often
Governance level
Technical level

* 4. Over the last 10 years, in your opinion, has your relationship with the national standardization body :

* 5. Which conditions and requirements do you have to meet to participate in standardization in your country?

* 6. Are you aware of any targeted/specific activities to encourage your participation in standardization ?

* 7. What are the main barriers which prevent you from participating in standardization? Please classify these barriers from the most important (1) to the less important (8).

* 8. Have these barriers been discussed with you NSB or national authority?

* 9. If yes, what actions have been implemented to adress these barriers?

* 10. Are you aware of any mechanisms to monitor and evaluate your participation in standardization work?