1. Introduction

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Application form for "Sustainable Leadership Seminar Programme", in the framework of the "Sustainable Leadership Project" by CEC European Managers and its project partners (ULA, Lederne, MAS, Eurocadres and CESI)

Dear manager,

We are pleased to see you found the way to becoming a Sustainable Leader. This training programme is being designed to equip European managers of all backgrounds with the necessary competences in the current time of change. These include context understanding, materiality assessments, as well as leadership skills. Also, the implications of this new reality for social partner organisations, such as CEC European Managers, representing the managerial workforce will be dealt with during the programme.


As a participating manager you can expect highest, evidence-based, quality standards, enabling you to advance professionally and to take back a series of skills, new knowledge and inspiration to help transform your business and management model. Furthermore, the programme's setting will enable you to build-up a professional sustainability network, engage with stakeholders (policy-makers, trade unions, business organisations) and put in place your knowledge in an action learning setting.


This application form allows us to screen the applications to participate to our Pilot Training Programme on Sustainable Leadership. The training and accomodation are free of charge and co-funded by the European Union. Travel costs to one of the three training locations will be reimbursed. Please choose the closest training location to avoid unnecessary travel emissions. The data provided will be handled with confidentiality by CEC European Managers. 

The training is organised in three mandatory blocks:

1. Online webinar on 14.01.2021
2. A physical seminar of 2,5 days in spring 2021
3. Follow-up through SustainableLeaders.eu community

Please find the Sustainable Leadership Training Programme here.


The selection procedure is based on geographical, functional and diversity criteria according to the criteria set in the project agreement, as well as the application documents. Please note that all exchanges will be held exclusively in English, a good professional knowledge of the language is therefore necessary. In terms of skills and experiences, only a proficient level of English and past management experience are required. Priority will be given to managers affiliated to the project partners. Legal recourse is excluded. For further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at info@cec-managers.org. In case your application is not retained, you can choose the option to be put on the waiting list for further seminars.

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15 November 2020 for the trainings in Slovenia, Germany and Denmark

Note: the organisation of the seminar will be handled according to the latest local health instructions, with precautionary measures at the training facilities being prepared.

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Contact us at office@cec-managers.org for more information

Contact us at office@cec-managers.org for more information

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