Client Satisfaction Survey

The National Battlefields Commission is mandated to maintain and promote the National Battlefields Park, a historic urban park that is prestigious, natural, accessible, safe and educational.

* 1. Do you know who is responsible for managing the park known as the Plains of Abraham?

* 2. Do you consider the Plains of Abraham to be a park and tourist attraction that is:

* 3. What is your level of satisfaction with respect to:

  Very satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
The quantity/quality of the trees
The quantity/quality of the benches and tables
The quantity/quality of traffic through the park
The quantity/quality of sanitary facilities
The quantity/quality of the Joan of Arc Garden and the flower beds
The quality of the cleanliness of the park
The quantity/quality of the roads, sidewalks and parking areas
The quantity/quality of the food services
Access to the park in general
Access to the park during special events (shows, sports or charitable events)
The enforcement of regulations
Safety in the park
Signage in the park

* 4. Answer yes or no.

  Yes No
Do you think that the National Battlefields Commission makes sufficient communication and marketing efforts to promote awareness of the park and its services?
Would you be interested in making a donation to commemorate a person or event in exchange of a plaque on a tree or bench?

* 5. Why do you visit the Plains of Abraham?

* 6. How did you learn about us?

* 7. Place of residence (city and country)

* 8. To which of the following age groups do you and the people with you belong?

* 9. Would you like to receive information by e-mail on our activities and promotions?