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1. Starter - Bánh bột lọc - 6 euros  [Made by Mrs. Hà] 
Tapioca dumplings stuffed with shrimp and pork, wrapped in banana leaves, and to be dipped in fish sauce. The dough becomes translucent after cooking, slightly elastic and sticky. Very interesting taste-wise and visually! 

2. Bánh mì thập cẩm - Vietnamese sandwiches - [Made by Mrs. Mai] - 8 euros 
Baguette stuffed with homemade pork roti, Vietnamese sausages, fresh cilantro and cucumber, carrot pickle, mayonnaise

3. Cơm chả cá xào chua ngọt - HOME MADE fish balls in sweet and sour sauce with rice - 12 euros - [Made by Mrs. Kiều]

The fish balls are home-made entirely from fish, seasoning with simple spices such as garlic, shallot, salt, pepper.
The sauce is made of tomate, bellpepper, fish sauce etc. Served with steamed rice

4. Cơm chiên xả nấm - Fried rice with lemongrass, mushroom  [Made by Mrs. Trinh] 
Rice, lemongrass, mushroom and lots of vegetable. It's your typical fried rice but without meat and still maintain sufficient amount of nutrition.

5. Dessert: Chè đậu trắng - White bean sweet soup - 4e
[Made by Mrs. Hà]
Sticky rice, white bean, pan sugar topped with coconut milk 

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