Thank you for your interest in the Women in Governance (WiG) Parity Certification. The purpose of this step is to:
  • Assess which Women in Governance Parity Certification category your organization qualifies to apply for;
  • Validate the region your organization will be assessing;
  • Acquire your contact information to open your organization's profile in the certification platform;
The Information being disclosed by the Applicant in this pre-qualification survey in connection with the Parity Certification (the Purpose) is considered as Proprietary Information. The Recipients, Women in Governance, and SurveyMonkey (the Recipients) will hold the Proprietary Information of the Disclosing Party in confidence and use it only to achieve the Purpose for which it was collected, and will not disclose the Proprietary Information, except to its Representatives who need to know such information in connection with the Purpose and who are informed of the confidential nature of such information. The Recipients may only disclose the information to third parties if the Disclosing Party (the Applicant) has given its prior written consent.