Give us some feedback so we can stuff PandwaRF with even more awesomeness...

In this survey you can give feedback on PandwaRF, and what you would like it to be able to do.

PandwaRF is the bridge between a smartphone and other wireless objects transmitting in the sub-1GHz RF band, like garage door receivers, car keyfobs, roller shutters, fire detectors etc.
All these devices often use custom RF transmissions, but with the PandwaRF built-in CC1111 Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver, you can receive and transmit data in the ISM band at 315/433/868/915 MHz.
With the PandwaRF BLE chip, these data can now be directly sent to your smartphone, which will display binary data or spectrum analysis of a RF transmission.
PandwaRF also has a dual JavaScript and Python scripting feature, giving you the ability to dynamically control the RF, for both TX and RX, without any SW rebuild.

* 1. What PandwaRF features are important to you ?

* 2. How do you plan to connect PandwaRF ?

* 3. Is it important for the PCB to be easy to modify? Having access to GPIO, UART and including places to break the connections between components ?

* 4. What do you plan to use PandwaRF for?

* 5. How did you find out about PandwaRF?

* 6. Are you interested in helping with the development of PandwaRF?

* 7. Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?

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