This quiz is designed to learn more about your profile on how you solve problems in a professional setting. So, are you inspirational, realistic, activist or curious?

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* 1. On a morning, the internet box in your office doesn't work anymore and you have a lot of work to do. What do you do?

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* 2. You're the boss of a company that's celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. However, you have two tendencies in your team regarding the choice of how to organise the birthday party. How do you choose?

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* 3. It's April and you need to agree with your work partner on how your summer vacation is going to be organized. You both want the same weeks. But that's not possible. One of you has to stay. How do you feel about that?

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* 4. You work as a team with two of your colleagues. Two of you finished your work on time and one of you hasn't started anything yet. What do you do?

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* 5. You work in a customer service department and in recent weeks you have been receiving calls from customers who have been upset about the delay in their shipments. What is your first reaction?

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* 6. Your company is experiencing a problem that you have faced in a previous experience. The solution that was proposed works very well. However, in discussion with your current team, they eventually came up with a new solution. This new solution is not sure to work, unlike the last one. How do you react?

Now look at your answers to the quiz, the form with the most answers matches your profile!

▲ The curious / Clarify 

You're a methodical, serious and deliberate person. The important thing for you is not to make a decision too hastily and to understand the problem. This means that you can ask a lot of questions, point out obstacles and try to keep your direction and goals in mind. You may seem to be delaying work, but your questioning is necessary to get a clear solution. 

● Idealists / Ideator

You're a creative and passionate person. You have tons of great ideas by the minute, but they're not always the most practical ones. You can be a bit boring to your colleagues because your ideas are a bit too dispersed. However, even if they are sorted out, they are often the source of great conflict resolution. You look for the solution by taking opinions, data and theory together. 

■ The Realists / Developer

You're a sensitive and innovative person. You are always trying to understand an idea, how to approach it and make improvements. You rely mainly on facts by looking for concrete, long-term solutions. You may be considered too critical, but your opinion is crucial to turn a good idea into a practical solution. 

♦ Activists / Implementation

You are adaptable, direct and innovative. You focus on the realization of a project with a very pragmatic eye. You are an implementer, you make sure that you find quick and clear solutions. However, be careful to listen to your colleagues and keep an eye out for obstacles that may arise. Once you agree on the course of action, you are the ideal person to follow the project through.