Dear SFM Alumni,
Dear IAGC member,
Dear Friends of Roberts Dilts and Stephen Gilligan,

The SFM Leadership Team is preparing for the all new Generative Consulting certification program to be held August 6th-19th, and the DSG/IAGC Conference from August 20th-24th, 2018. We are confident that you will love this coming summer in Santa Cruz. As we are refining the details of the core curriculum, we are interested in getting your input so that it is maximally beneficial for you. We would greatly appreciate the completion of the following survey. It will take approximately 5-10 minutes.


To "generate" means to create something new. The focus of Generative Change is to cultivate creativity: in your teams, your venture, your relationships and yourself. Social, technological and economic developments are constantly transforming the world of business and the way in which people, teams and organizations, old and new, must operate. This requires developing new and innovative approaches to address the many challenges of change. Generative Consulting involves helping individuals, teams and organizations address these challenges in order to succeed and thrive in a changing world. This program will provide participants with principles, models and tools to navigate the volatile and evolving landscape of today’s business environment creatively.

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Thank you for your time and input.
We look forward to seeing you in August!

The SFM Leadership Team

* 1. Which SFM/Generative Change courses have you attended ?

* 2. Year ?

* 3. Location ?

* 4. How do you use the SFM/Generative Change tools ?

* 5. With whom ?

* 6. Which of the SFM/Generative Change tools and topics have you found to be the most interesting and useful for you and your clients?

* 7. What challenges do you face when applying or teaching the SFM/Generative Change tools ?

* 8. What support, tools, or topics would you like to gain or gain more of from a Generative Consulting program?

* 9. What support, tools, or topics would you like to gain or gain more of from our Learning Lab ?