You and WAKFU

* 1. How did you hear about WAKFU for the first time?

* 2. Would you say the game…:

* 3. When you play the game, most of the time you choose to be…:

* 4. Please rank the following elements of the game (1 being your favorite aspect of the game, and 6 being the aspect you think needs the most improvement):

* 5. How would you describe the community of the game?

* 6. In WAKFU, have you already experienced a game breaking bug that made you reconsider your commitment to the game? If yes, when was the last time?

* 7. Have you already recommended WAKFU to your friends? And if yes, why?

* 8. Which aspect of the game appeals to you the most?

* 9. Which WAKFU feature announced for 2013 and not yet released are you looking the most forward to?