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Since 2011, THE PHOTO ACADEMY has rolled out classes in Europe, North America and Asia. More than a hundred subcontracts collaborate with us to create our classes, content, events, social networks, local marketing, etc. Becoming a subcontractor for THE PHOTO ACADEMY means earning a complimentary salary (estimated at 1,000 - 1,500€$£ per month depending on the topics covered) so that you can continue pursuing your career as a photographer, photojournalist, artist, etc.

Our era of image-based communication implies that the world of photography is not monolithic, but rather multifaceted. It is constantly evolving. Without presuming that we represent all the current trends, we strive to reflect this rich diversity through the photography teachers we employ. That’s why our team is made up of women and men of all ages, professional backgrounds, and different approaches. Their diversity matches that of the world of photography today.

Completing the following form “Become a member of our team” takes about 15 minutes and allows us to get to know more about your profile, which we then transfer onto our teaching team. This form doesn’t judge your teaching skills – the students are the ones who will give their opinion and inform us whether they appreciated the photographic experience, the training, and the interaction that you provide during a photo class.

Maxime Favier
Head of Training