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1. Introduction

This survey is an initiative of the FAIB -
Responses are anonymous unless you provide your email (if you are not a FAIB member). We will not include respondents' IP addresses in our survey results.

The survey should be completed in under 20 minutes - but depends on the size of your organisation and your knowledge of the remuneration of those working for your organisation.

The present survey aims at :

- having at least 100 organisations or 75% of FAIB members organisations complete the survey

- giving benchmarks for chief executives, managers, communication staff, policy staff, support staff and interns

- collecting data to see if the size of the organisation impacts on these benchmarks (Under 10, 10-30, 30 and above)

- collecting data on the type of organisation (NGO versus trade Association) to see if this has an impact on remuneration.

The results of the survey (with anonymous and aggregated data) will exclusively be communicated by the FAIB to its members. It will also be accessible on the FAIB website (via the password). At no point will you be required to identify your organisation. Any association participating to the survey and that is not a member of the FAIB will also receive the results of this survey (if it provides its email address).
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