Artistic Proposals
Deadline for bids:
13 January 2019

The Iris Festival is the Festival of the Brussels-Capital Region, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019.

On the weekend of 4 and 5 May 2019, this great event – which is free of charge – will invite everyone in Brussels, locals and visitors alike, to celebrate the region’s anniversary. In a warm and homely atmosphere, Brussels residents can come together and enjoy both popular and artistic entertainment at the celebrations on Sunday May 5th. This is also an ideal opportunity to discover the large spectrum of activities that Brussels has to offer. The government of the Brussels-Capital Region therefore wishes to provide a showcase to all the actors of Brussels' cultural, artistic and associative life.

2019 is also the jubilee of the first tram in Belgium, that began its inaugural ride 150 years ago on the 1st of May, and trams have been on track ever since. Many activities will be organised from May 1st to 4th to commemorate these 150 years of tram service. These activities are destined to highlight the Brussels region and its mobility, and there will be lots of surprises on the agenda.

This call for projects concerns the artistic component of the "Party in the Park" and is intended for street artists and artistic companies. This event will take place on Sunday, May 5th, from 12pm to 6pm.

All artistic disciplines are welcome.Projects may consist of installations, urban space design, performing and street arts, circus and fairground arts, exhibitions, specific games and activities for children, participatory workshops, make-up, etc.

There is no particular theme to follow, but any proposals related to the 150th anniversary of the tram are welcome. To incorporate the mobility of the Brussels region, the image of the tram and its history into an artistic project might be a nice challenge.

Several projects can be proposed by the same company or artist.

The maximum budget that can be offered to each project is €10,000 VAT not included. That comprises:
  • Artists’ wages
  • Transport costs
  • Costs linked to the purchase of equipment necessary for the project
What’s more, The Iris Festival undertakes to cover the cost of:
  • Copyrights (SABAM, SACD)
  • Costs linked to the technical data sheet (to be discussed depending on the project proposed)
  • Potential water, gas and electricity cost
  • Potential lending of equipment (tent, tables, chairs, subject to availability)
  • Lunchtime catering for the day of the performance
For companies based outside of Belgium:
  • Accommodation costs (maximum 2 nights)
  • Meals during your stay (to be confirmed with the organisation after selection of their project)

The scheduling team will choose the most original projects and try to schedule as many different participants as possible, while keeping in mind the need to cohabit with the other activities in the area (associations, concerts, etc).
We favour continuous projects over a long space of time and/or aiming to be seen simultaneously by a large number of people. 

The costs linked to the technical data sheet are also an important part of the selection criteria for projects.


Once all the projects are selected, agreements will be struck between and the successful applicants.