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Deadline: 23 January 2017

Hello and welcome. After the success of the Data Journalism Awards, the Global Editors Network will be building by the end of 2017 the first global hub for data-driven journalism. By answering the following few questions, you will help us identify the needs and challenges this platform could tackle. So thanks for letting us pick your brains!

Out of the participants we will select one lucky winner who'll get a free pass to the GEN Summit 2017 (worth 1780€). You can also double your chances of winning by suggesting a name for the platform at the end of this form!

The global hub for data-driven journalism will be a place for journalists, programmers, designers, NGOs, data experts and anyone else interested in data-driven storytelling. 

It will revolve around three main components:
- a news and community section for gathering all resources related to data journalism,
- a project match-making space for developing cooperation between data journalists
- a data store for monetizing data journalism products and services.

The platform will collect, curate and centralise a wide array of resources for data journalists and their teams, but also connect people from related backgrounds in the hope of kickstarting collaborations and exchanges. 

You can read more about it in this press release we’ve published recently.

Only the first question of this survey is mandatory. You can pick multiple answers for all the questions in this form. Your contribution to this survey will stay anonymous and we won't identify you personally in any publication or in any data files shared with other researchers. You can nonetheless sign-up to receive updates and results of this survey at the end of this form if you wish. 

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* 3. Which of the following platforms do you frequently use while working on data-driven projects?

* 4. Where do you find news about data journalism?

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