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* 1. How many cars do you have in your household?

* 2. On average, how many times per annum do you drive your car more that 130km / 80 miles in a day ?

* 3. Are you tempted to purchase an Electric vehicle ?

* 4. Please check the influence on your decision to purchase an EV, given your assessment of the following factors: (for example if you think current battery range is too restricting then check on the negative side)

  5 very positive 4 3 neutral 2 1 very negative
Our common environmental future
Total cost of ownership (including usage and subsidies)
Comfort, ease of use, pleasure
Image projected by the owner/driver
Battery range
Current charging infrastructure
Resell value
Safety, technology

* 5. Do you a agree to abandon some range of your car to the benefit of environment ?

* 6. Would a range extender change your propensity to purchase a given electric vehicle ?

* 7. Consirering your assessment of the cost, weight, size and frequency of usage of a range extender, should it be:

* 8. After having considered the benefits and features of EP Tender (, would you be:

  5 yes, definitely 4 likely 3 50/50 2 unlikely 1 no, certainly not
More inclined to purchase an EV which offers an EP Tender hitch option ?
Willing to rent a Tender occasionally from the Tender'Lib network ? (estimated cost 10€ per day plus 7€ per hour of running it, or an annual budget of 250 € for 6 days)
Willing to own a Tender ? (cost of a small car)
Ready to discuss and promote this concept towards your family, friends, or other relations ?

* 10. Overall optional comment

* 11. Your email address, if you'd like us to contact you:

Many thanks for your help in answering this poll !