Dear Member of Canada's Energy Modelling Community,

Welcome to the Energy Modelling Hub's (EMH) Annual Survey for 2023. It is with great pleasure that we extend our invitation to all modellers, model developers, and model users across Canada to participate in this crucial endeavour.

The EMH Annual Survey is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the Canadian energy modelling ecosystem. Each year, we reach out to you, the individuals who shape the landscape of energy modelling in Canada, to gather essential insights, update our comprehensive inventory, and compile a detailed report that paints a vivid picture of the state of energy modelling within our great nation.

At its core, the EMH Annual Survey fulfills two essential objectives:

1. Updating Our Inventory:
One of the key outcomes of this survey is to refresh and enhance our online inventory, which is a vital resource for the energy modelling community. This inventory includes individual profiles of members within our modelling community, showcasing your expertise, contributions, and interests. It comprises a series of fact sheets spotlighting Canadian energy models and modelling projects, allowing us to celebrate your accomplishments and advancements.

2. Building a Comprehensive Report:
Beyond updating our inventory, your responses will be instrumental in crafting a detailed report that provides valuable insights into Canada's energy modelling state. This report will be a valuable resource for stakeholders across various sectors, aiding in informed decision-making, policy formulation, and research initiatives.

We understand your time is valuable; this survey should take approximately 20 minutes. Your input is invaluable, and we appreciate your commitment to helping us improve our understanding of the Canadian energy modelling landscape.

**Please note that to facilitate your navigation through the survey, you can quickly move between questions using the 'previous' or 'next' buttons at the bottom of the screen.**