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Dear Colleague,

Several measures have been made in recent years to improve the quality of the European Liver Transplant Registry (ELTR). One of the key measures was the move towards a platform that integrates real-time data management and comprehensive statistical analysis. In addition to the usual services, it is henceforth possible to provide you with a detailed statistical report of the data of your center in order to compare them with the European standards.

This short survey is thus launched at the contributing centers in search of help to maintain our services. Basically, we would like to get your opinion on delivering this new service with as a counterpart a limited financial contribution that would be critical to balance the recent reduction in Pharma support.

We do hope that you will prone to contribute to this new service offered by the ELTR through a win-win partnership, so we kindly invite you to answer to the following 2 questions before January 8, 2017. Your participation to this survey is essential for the future and the longevity of this fantastic model of European collaboration, which the success belongs to each of you.

Thank you

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1. What is your function in your center/hospital?