The EBiSC catalogue for induced pluripotent Stem Cells (September 2015)

We would like to know what cell lines you wish to see included in the EBiSC iPSC catalogue to support your research now and in the future.
If you would like to
-  learn more about the project,
-  contribute to specifying which cell lines should be in the catalogue as requested by you, or
-  simply would like to be kept in contact so that you can order lines from the catalgoue,
please contact us at and visit our website at

Thank you! We appreciate your input!
All information is for purposes of this survey and will not be re-distributed.

* 1. Which organisation type best describes your current affiliation?

* 2. Do you plan to use iPSC lines for research during the next 3 years?

* 3. In which research contexts are you currently using iPSC lines?

* 4. Relative importance of gene edited iPSC lines: How important would it be for you to have...

  Critical Very important Important Nice to have Not necessary
A larger number (eg. Minimum 10) of patient derived disease-representative iPSC lines
A smaller number (eg. 5) patient derived iPSC lines plus isogenic controls for them
A panel of control lines and gene edited variants containing disease-linked mutations to compare with patient derived line

* 5. If studying diseases, which type(s) of donors are you interested in?

* 6. Which are your areas of research interest?

* 7. Which factor(s) are important to you regarding EBiSC’s offering?

  Extremely Important Important Less Important Not Important
Easy access to iPSC lines
Wide variety of disease backgrounds
Availability of “healthy” control iPSC lines from different genetic backgrounds
Availability of isogenic controls linked to disease-linked iPSC lines
Availability of differentiation data (eg. potential to make neurons)
Availability of donor health information (eg. age of disease onset, response to specific drugs)

* 8. The £700 price set for each iPSC line (“healthy” control, disease, isogenic control) allows creation of the bank, any gene editing work for isogenics and QC assessment. Do you find this:

* 9. Which factors below might boost your future use of iPS cell lines?

* 10. Are you interested in depositing iPSC lines with EBiSC?

* 11. If you wish to be contacted by EBiSC, please leave your contact details below. Thank you