This project aims to complement "standard" animations with ones unique to each class so that players will be distinguishable when they are on their mount.

These animations are a different type than those enabled by default. As they are shorter, they will allow combat to proceed faster. As you might guess, then, this change cannot only be used with the remastered version of DOFUS Retro, because both versions of the game should load animations at the same rate.

That said, the default animations are not completely doomed. When certain conflicts occur (e.g. when Sacriers rise up during Punishment or when Eniripsas cast Healing Word), the standard animation will load.

Although we believe this improvement is warranted, we still want your feedback! So, how about it? Would you like to see this change applied to the game?

Question Title

Question Title

Do you want to see updated spell and gathering animations when your character is on a dragoturkey mount?