Since its founding, Projet Montréal has sought to represent all Montrealers whatever their gender identification, sexual orientation, colour, national or ethnic origin, "race"*, religion, disability, or any other individual characteristic.

Over the past two years, the members of Projet Montréal have worked to increase diversity within our organization. A Diversity Committee and its Subcommittees are tasked with encouraging the representation and participation of citizens from across Montreal's diversity** spectrum. To help us structure this effort, we are in the process of drafting an Equity and Inclusion Policy.

To aid us in the creation of this Policy, Projet Montréal is inviting its members, as well as members of the public, to participate in a survey to help us identify and evaluate the obstacles encountered by certain groups in being represented and participating not only in party activities, but in municipal politics generally.

The survey is completely anonymous and is open to those who identify as belonging to "diversity" groups in Montreal as well as to those who do not so identify.

For assistance or question, please write to

*"Race:" we place the term "race" in quotation marks as a reminder that "race" is a social construct.
**Diversity: the term "diversity" refers generally to the diverse composition of an organization, such that its personnel and its members fairly represent the composition of the general population. For the purposes of this survey, "diversity" refers more specifically to marginalized groups which are currently underrepresented within the party, including but not restricted to Indigenous people, racialized persons (ethno-cultural communities, "visible minorities," etc.), LGBTQ+ persons, and persons with disabilities.
Projet Montréal will never share the results of this survey with any third parties. Results will be used only as a tool for creating our Equity and Inclusion Policy.

Question Title

* 1. Do you accept to participate in this survey?