Attitudes with respect to risk and models

This survey aims at studying the link between risk attitudes and attitudes with respect to models. It builds on a previous survey conducted by David Ingram on risk attitudes. We (D. Ingram and S. Loisel) aknowledge the fact that we are using questions from this initial survey, courtesy of Willis Re. This research work is funded by the research chair Management de la modélisation.

The following statements will be used to identify the Risk Perception Style and the perception of models by each individual. Understanding the risk perception styles of the individuals on the management team or board will facilitate clearer discussions of risk tolerance and risk management and will provide the basis for developing a risk management system that can more directly achieve the objectives of the organization.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read each sentence and give your first impression of your reaction to the statement in terms of whether you disagree or agree with the statement and how strongly. There are no right and wrong answers. The results will be tabulated to show the total number of people with each of the four risk attitudes. The four risk attitudes and their links to attitudes with respect to models will be explained in detail as well as the implications of those attitudes on a risk appetite discussion and on the development of a risk management program.

PS Please enter your email address if you want to receive conclusions from the survey. We will not disclose your personal answers to others, only conclusions drawn from aggregated answers.

Risk Attitude Survey questions used with permission of Willis Re Inc.

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