Instructions to Research Participants

1. BEFORE YOU START, please make sure that ONLY 1 PARENT from your family participates in this research. You must decide which parent is the primary caregiver, who will be the participant in this research. For purposes of this study, the "Primary Caregiving Parent" is the parent who has spent the most time with this child and carried most of the responsibility for taking care of this child overall since birth. If both parents spend an equal amount of time in this role, then you and your spouse/partner can either flip a coin or self-select who will serve as the parent participant for this study.

2. The selected primary caregiving parent should read the consent form on the next page. By clicking “next” at the bottom of the consent form, s/he is agreeing to participate in a study of family experiences and child development.

3. We request and recommend that the primary caregiving parent complete the research questionnaires in one sitting. However, if the participant must stop along the way, s/he can exit and return later to complete the remainder of the survey BUT MUST USE THE SAME COMPUTER or DEVICE s/he initially used to access the online survey. To do so, just go to the same webpage visited earlier by clicking on the link in the original e-mail invitation, clickable ad, or flyer; and the participant will be able to continue where s/he left off. Also, neither the participant nor anyone else using their computer will be able to see the participant's responses from the previous survey pages that were completed before exiting.

Thanks so much for your participation in this very important research project!

Salvatore D’Amore, Ph.D.
2% of survey complete.