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* 1. Welcome on the page where you can apply to join the "Experts Panel"  of the Community Actors Declaration, that will be released in July, during the IAS Paris 2017.

The objective of this form is to collect information on your profile and networks, with the aim of forming a group as representative as possible of the different Key Affected People (but also their personal experiences and their networks) and regions of the world concerned by the epidemics of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.
The data collected is strictly confidential and will be erased as soon as the selection of the different panels members will be completed.

By answering, you recognize agreeing with those terms.

* A second form will be soon sent to you, in order to apply for the Community Actors Symposium, during the IAS Paris 2017 in July.
* Applying to join the work on the "Community Actors Declaration" does not involve that we will bear the costs of your coming to IAS Paris 2017.
* This Declaration, whose objective is to make a "Denver Principles 2.0", extended to all Key Affected People living with HIV or not, will be worked entirely online by the successive submission of surveys from the Steering Committee to the Experts Panels.

Please read the following explanatory documents before applying :
For any question or information, please contact :
Nathan Boumendil (AIDES) :