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Thank you for choosing to participate in this survey, which seeks to unlock how the renewable energy industry views potential impact of climate change on offshore wind farm design, construction and operation.

The survey contains 28 questions and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You may edit your responses by using the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons at the bottom of each page. You can also complete the survey in more than one sitting, by saving your answers to return to complete the questions later. 

This survey is applicable to a variety of stakeholders in the offshore wind market, so as to capture different perspectives from across the industry. Some questions may not be relevant to all stakeholders, in which case you have the option to skip questions that are not relevant to your activity.

The data collected from the survey is and will remain completely confidential and participation is entirely voluntary.

The survey findings will form the basis of an independent study on how the industry as a whole currently perceives the potential impact of climate change on offshore wind infrastructure, and possibly to initiate a discussion on ensuing industry opportunities and actions in this segment.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

Bruno Borgarino (INNOSEA, an ABL group company) & RV Ahilan, ABL

Please contact Bruno Borgarino at bruno.borgarino@innosea.fr with any questions.
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