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Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. Your inputs are essential to preparing the forthcoming Finance in Common Summit and its outcomes and follow-up agenda.
About the Summit

The Finance in Common Summit organized in November 2020 in Paris will gather for the first time all Public Development Banks from around the world as well as their broad stakeholders and partners. It will address our common need to build new forms of prosperity that take care of the people and the planet in a resilient manner. The Summit will stress the crucial role of Public Development Banks to reconcile short-term counter-cyclical responses to the Covid-19 crisis with sustainable recovery measures, and discuss how to further tap their potential. It will be preceded by a Research Conference.

Please visit www.financeincommon.org for more information and follow us at @FinanceInCommon and on #FinanceInCommon2020.

About the Survey

This survey is open not only to all Public Development Banks but also to representatives of all stakeholders (international organizations, governments, supervisors, private financial institutions, other private entities, think-tanks, academia, philanthropic organizations, CSOs, …) having a role in development banks’ environment and governance. The questionnaire aims at identifying main topics of interest, expectations and proposals regarding the role of development banks and desirable evolutions.

More than one respondent per institution is possible, as the questionnaire seeks to gather a wide variety of views.

Your responses are voluntary and will be treated confidentially. The compilation of responses will not identify any individual or institution and will be analyzed per group and/or general category of respondent institutions. This compilation will be carried out by the Summit’s Secretariat-General team hosted by Agence française de développement (contact details below).

A synthesis of the survey results will be circulated to all respondents.

Estimated time needed to respond to the survey: 20 minutes 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to contact@financeincommon.org  
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