The objective of this survey is to collect nominations for the 2018 CIGRE Medal
For more information about this award (purpose, frequency, eligibility, nomination procedure, form of the award), click here.
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You are invited to complete the following form to nominate one candidate, before 31st March 2018
The proposals will be compiled by the Central Office, and reviewed by the Award Committee.

* 1. Please state your details as a nominator

* 2. Please specify the details of the person you want to nominate for the 2018 CIGRE Medal (the nominee)

* 3. Year of start of membership of the nominee (please indicate collective or individual membership numbers with periods if applicable):

* 4. Citation

* 5. Please describe the contribution of the candidate to CIGRE (if the description is more than 1000 word long, please summarize it, and send it to

* 6. Please indicate the names of the authors of the five support letters (of which maximum of one letter can be from the candidate National Committee or AC member). These letters should then be sent to

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