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This study is being conducted in conformity with the Swiss 810.30 Federal Act on Research involving Human Beings (Human Research Act, HRA) of 30 September 2011 (Status as of 1 January 2014).
This survey aims to produce knowledge about how early career researchers, defined here as doctoral students and PhD holders who graduated within the past 8 years, perceive and deal with their career development. This survey is being distributed internationally. 

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and focuses on early career researchers’ perceptions of their personal life, work and career, as well as how they deal with their current and future career challenges. The survey is voluntary and anonymous. By clicking ‘next’, you agree that you feel informed about the survey and prepared to participate. 

If you wish, we can provide you a summary of the results within the next 18 months. If so, please include your email address at the end of the survey. As the survey is anonymous, this information will be deleted once the summary has been sent to you.

If you start the survey but do not have time to finish it, you can resume later by accessing the link from the same computer on which you began the questionnaire. 

Press the ‘done’ button (on the last page) when finished. Please note that, the application only allows one survey to be submitted per computer; if you use a shared computer, you can only perform a single survey.