This survey is for associations in the independent music sector in Europe.
(If you are an independent music business, there is a separate survey to complete, please click here.)
It should be completed by one person on behalf of the association (do not ask all your employees to fill it out as it is not a survey at the level of individuals working in the sector).

What we use the data for:
1. Map best practices, local developments, projects etc regarding diversity and inclusion in the independent sector in Europe
2. Start building a picture of diversity within our sector
(Note, we ask you to rate yourself rather than give specific information, due to rules about collecting data in some countries. All responses will be kept anonymous and will not be used for any profiling or other purposes. We will only use this data anonymously on an aggregated basis in any reports or other communication. There is no obligation to reply if you don't know or prefer not to reply.)

How long will we keep your data - there is no set time limit as we want to be able to compare with data submitted in subsequent surveys.

How secure your data is in our possession - all responses will be kept anonymous and will not be used for any profiling or other purposes. We will not allow any third party to use the raw data collected, except to analyse data on our behalf. Survey Monkey’s also has their privacy policy here.

What your rights are - you have the right to see any data which might be identifiable to you and to have it deleted if you want.
Who to contact with any queries - info@impalamusic.org  
It takes about 15 minutes to complete this survey. 

Many thanks for participating - IMPALA's aim is to understand the position in different countries and what tools exist or could be useful in the future. We know that each country is different and there is no “one size fits all". There are plenty of comment boxes for you to use so we can improve the survey next time. This survey is intended to be a positive exercise, part of IMPALA’s broader diversity work. 
Only use the orange Previous and Back buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate the survey - if you click your web browser's back button instead of the survey's Previous button, you are likely to lose the whole lot!
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