The Cogmaster does not affiliate laboratories, but internship supervisors. They have to be principal investigators (PI).
Postdocs who wish to make their contribution to an internship supervision official have to pay a particular attention to Question 2.

* 1. Applying supervisor

* 2. If you are a Postdoc student, please indicate under the main supervision of which principal investigator the internship will take place

* 3. Research themes (4-5 key words)

* 4. Main recent publications

* 5. Laboratory

A short internship is equivalent to 6 ECTS credits, and consists in about 30 hours active research guided by the supervisor. The internship may focus on a bibliographical question, a simulation, or a small empirical study, and be carried out at any time during the academic year.

A long internship is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits, and is always carried out during the last semester of the student's second year in the Master's Program (see p.2 of:

For more details, see:

* 7. Title and decription of the internship (<200 words)