Personalised Learning

You can fill in this pre-survey form ahead of the webinar "Personalised Learning" that will take place on Wednesday 20 March 2019, at 17:00h CET.

The questions are about personalised learning, and how it applies at your classroom and school.

A classroom with personalised learning does not have “one size fits all” approach to education, but instead focuses on customising the learning of students based on their strengths, needs, skills and interests. Read more about the webinar here.

Question Title

* 1. To what extent do the following statements apply to your school or a school you know of?

  Fully or mostly Partially Slightly Not at all
Personalised learning approach is a less of a priority in schools
The teachers have enough guiding and/or resources to provide personalised learning for students
The students have enough opportunities for personalised learning in classrooms
The teachers have the opportunity to integrate technology for personalised learning