Over the past 19 years, the HONcode code of conduct has significantly contributed to the improvement of health-related information online with over 8,000 certified health websites and more than 7.4 million pages of health information which are compliant with the HONcode.

All this would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our valued HONcode members.

As you know, HON has now reached a turning point where the HONcode recertification can no longer remain a free service without compromising the sustainability of our mission.

At the same time however, we are fully aware that not all websites are able to make the contribution requested of them.
To ensure equality and inclusivity, we are proposing a new program, the “HONcode for all program” where HONcode certified
organisations have the option of donating additional amounts to creat a fund pool, which can be used to fund other certified organizations which cannot make any contribution.

This program is in the spirit of our vision, where big players help smaller ones to preserve the diversity of health information sources.

Donating organizations will enjoy greater visibility as an active supporter of the HON Foundation with inclusion in various social networks and the HON website, depending on the donation made
Any donation made will off course not have any influence on the HONcode review.

We now request you input in creating this program and hope you will take a few minutes (not more than 5) to answer the following questions.
Please check the most appropriate answer for each question.